Second VLab Workshop


The second VLab workshop will take place at the University of Minnesota Walter Library Room 402, August 5-10, 2007. It will offer an opportunity for researchers interested in planetary materials and/or planetary processes to exchange information and ideas. This will be a joint meeting of the VLab and of the Elasticity Grand Challenge (EGC) of the COMPRES initiative. The themes to be addressed and confirmed speakers are:

  • D'' layer
    Don Helmberger, Thorn Lay, Maarten de Hoop, Ed Garnero, John Hernlund, Xiaodong Song, Wendy Mao, Shige Maruyam,Richard Peltier, Paul Tackley, Taras Gerya, Artem Oganov, Marc Monnereau, Arie Van de Berg, Bruce Buffett, Ulli Hansen

  • Spin transition in iron in the lower mantle
    Jennifer Jackson, Wolfgang Sturham, Afu Lin, Michael Brown, Renata M Wentzcovitch, Koichiro Umemoto, Catherine McCammon, Dane Morgan, Dipta Bhany Ghosh

  • Transport properties of mantle minerals
    Anne Hoffmeister, Alex Goncharov, Victor Struzhkin, Philip B. Allen, Tao Sun, Frank Spera

  • Water in the mantle
    Shun-ichiro Karato, Marc Hirschmann, David Kohlstedt, Suzan Van der Lee, Michael Wysession, Bjorn Winkler, Tom Duffy, Ilja Siepmann

  • Transition zone
    Lars Stixrude, Don Weidner, Baosheng Li, Yang Shen, Justin Ravenaugh, Jay Bass, Gabriel Gwanmesia, Adam Dziewonski
There will be a session on information technology and demonstration of software for materials computations at some point during the meeting.
  • IT
    Tone Kokalje, Gordon Erlebacher, Bijaya B. Karki, Marlon Pierce, Cesar da Silva, Dave Yuen, Pedro da Silveira, Jamie Rintelman

Note: Please be sure to register by July 27, 2007.

After registering if you have any questions, please contact Debbie Schutta at or phone (612) 624-0528.

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