Summer 2006 Interns

Seven undergraduate students have been identified in 2006. They are associated with Prof. Dave Yuen and Prof. Don Truhlar.

Internship students presentation (Mark, Javier, Frank, Grace and Sarah)
Adam Momsen individual presentation
Michelle Orthmeyer individual presentation


Faculty Mentor: Professor David A. Yuen, Department of Geology and Geophysics


Name: Martin D. Lyness

School: University of Minnesota

Major: Computer Engineering and Computer Science (minor: Business Administration)


Project Title:               Middle management

Project Description: As part of the low level management Martin interacts with the new interns in regards to the new technologies they are learning and making sure the computer systems are operational. Besides teaching and system administration, Martin also works as a developer, writing code for improved build processes and learning most of the technologies used within the VLab project including: JSF, GridSphere, JSR Portlets, XML for SOAP, AJax, Java, and Maven2. Most of his time is devoted to documentation and organization to help the group as a whole.

Name: Adam R. Momsen

School: University of Minnesota

Major: Computer Science (minor: Art)


Project Title:             Visualization within distributed applications

Project Description: Adam is working with high performance visualization within distributed applications. He works primarily with JOGL graphical library and Xith3D scenegraph middleware. He wants to improve visualization services’ portability by working with a "write once install everywhere" mentality. He has been rewriting software to be automatically updated using Java Webstart. He has also been working with hybrid visualization using fast feedback on low-resolution data (using Gleem manipulators and JOGL) that shows high-resolution bitmap provided by powerful viz web services (using C/C++ based gSOAP). He has been learning about object oriented approaches to visualization (with VTK and Xith3D).

Name: Javier I. Roman Sanchez

School: University of Puerto Rico of Rio Piedras

Major: Computer Science in Natural Science (minor: Mathematics in Natural Science)


Project Title:              Building library from VTK classes for Watt compiler

Project Description: Javier has been working on a program to extract VTK classes from the official web site. The output of his program will generate one big xml file that Watt compiler will use it for compile like a specific library to rendering the visualization. The extraction of the VTK classes uses XML and Perl. He has been working also with a web service between the Watt compiler and a GUI Client that uses gsoap. This service uses Base64 method to pass image to the client and is quite slow. He has proposed the use of MTOM (Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism) to increase communication speed and the use of DIME(Direct Internet Message Encapsulation) streaming that is better than Base64 method . He will then perform for the first time a benchmark of these two different methods using gsoap.

Name: Grace E. Schwab

School: Minnesota State University, Mankato

Major: Computer Science (minor: Mathematics)


Project Title:          Graphical representation of work flow and expansion of  the VLab Portal Discription

Project Description: Grace is working with Matt Broten to create an application that will serve as graphical representation of abstract complex workflows from a web interface. The graphical representation will be displayed to the user as a portlet in a Gridsphere portal using JSF. Eventually, PorkyPortal will be used to monitor the status of the workflow, upload it to the portal, and have the tasks execute with visible representation.

Name: Shuo Wang

School: University of Minnesota

Major: English (minor: Computer Science)


Project Title:             Integration of Google Earth in earthquake dataset visualization

Project Description:  Mark works with visualization of slab downwellings in a spherical convection model. He also collaborates with researchers in Beijing on Tsunami and Earthquake simulators. He is integrating data from these projects with Google Earth to add a great sense of applicability to earthquake data sets. Since Google Earth has not been used extensively in scientific research, this is a very useful novel area of application.


Name: Sarah M. Wieber

School: Saint Mary’s College, Notre Dame, Indiana

Major: Mathematics (minor: Computer Science)



Project Title:           Visualization and integration of high resolution geophysical data through various software applications

Project Description: She is visualizing high resolution geological and geophysical phenomena and large scale numerical simulations with the Amira Visualization software that will be ported to a large display Powerwall and stereoscopic screens. These datasets will be overlayed with Google Earth in order to investigate the possibility of integrating Google Earth with other applications. She is also working with Yuen on the development/improvement of his geodynamic simulation codes.



Faculty Mentor: Professor Donald G. Truhlar, Department of Chemistry


Name: Michelle Orthmeyer

School: University of Minnesota

Major: Chemistry



Project Title:              Tests of new density functionals for water

Project Description: Michelle is using density functional theory (DFT) to analyze the stability of various water hexamers. She will be assessing the stability with and without zero-point energy. The binding energies of fixed MP2 geometries will be compared to those of optimized DFT geometries.


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